Struggling to come up with gift ideas for the holidays? Here's a list of a few things that I have and love that you may want to get for your loved one or just add to a list of your own! 

For the Outdoors Enthusiast

$10 – Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife

A small, inexpensive, but quality knife. Nothing too crazy or over the top.

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$25 –Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe Knife

I used to carry a Gerber Paraframe knife (and still do some), but I recently got a Kershaw Thermite, which I love. However it’s on the bigger side of something you might want for a pocketknife. The Brawler is slightly smaller but with all the features I love about the Thermite. The main one being the assisted opening mechanism.

$50 – Leatherman Multitool

I bring this with me quite a lot, especially when out hiking or camping. It’s a great tool to throw in the bag that can be used for countless things. Although my Leatherman doesn’t have it, I would recommend one with the knife on the outside of the frame. This way you don’t have to open the pliers to access the knife. Since the knife is probably the most commonly used tool, it’d be nice to have it more easily accessible.

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$70 – ENO DoubleNest Hammock

I was given this for Christmas last year and have spent about 15 nights camping in it so far. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to setup/takedown & comfortable. Take it on day hikes, long camping trips or put it up around the yard.

$100 – Surefire P2X Flashlight

A $100 flashlight?! I use mine all the time. From searching under the couch to lighting up the entire back yard. It’s a dual output light which means the low power is great for most everyday uses while the high output can be used for things like self-defense (500 lumens at night will practically blind someone) or searching a back yard for your dog. I brought this light to South America with me and carry it with me quite frequently. Less than 6” long, it easily fits in a pocket. I also have a little holster for mine which also carries extra batteries and usually stays connected to the waist straps of my camera bag.

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$100 – JetBoil Personal Cooking System

This is the stove I bring with me on my camping trips. It’s self-contained when you travel with it, can carry your silverware, and the neoprene wrap makes a hot-pad unnecessary. It’s small enough if you want to use it for your morning hot chocolate, or big enough to cook a good amount of pasta in it.

For the Photographer

$12 – Clik Elite Wrist Strap

I don’t like the straps that they give you with the camera, so I bought this wrist strap that allows me to have some protection while holding the camera but isn’t too big or get in the way.

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Untitled photo

$10-$20 Lens Mug

A coffee mug that looks just like a camera lens.

$360 – F Stop Gear Backpack & ICU (Internal Camera Unit)

F-Stop makes some amazing gear for adventure photographers, but can be used by anyone. I have the Satori, which is their biggest bag, with a Medium Slope ICU. The nice thing about the F-stop system is that it has a ton of functionality for outdoor photographers (pouch for water bladder, pockets for tripod, hip strap, etc) and the ICU is removable if you want to fly with your gear and keep your expensive stuff close or replace it with a larger ICU when you get more gear & don’t have to get a whole new bag. It also has MOLLE straps which make it easy to attach some gear/accessories to the outside of your bag. Check out all their bags, one is bound to be a good fit.

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For the Little One

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$11 - "I Wonder" By: Annaka Harris

I got this book last year for a friends daughter, admittedly because I wanted to read it first. It's definitely a children's book with some amazing illustrations and a great message that teaches your little one (and you) the beauty of uncertainty. 

For your Best Friend

$13 - Bob-A-Lot

I recently got this for Bailey and she loves it. You fill the top with treats and there are two hole which they pass through before coming out. You can regulate the size of the holes so treats come out quickly or take some time. 

$16 - The Jolly Egg

Another toy we got recently. Basically a large, plastic egg She can play with it for maybe 10 min before getting bored with it, but it's fun to watch her push it around and try to pick it up.

$36 - Ikon Xback Harness

Right now, I use this to get rid of some of Bailey's excess energy. Maybe in the future I'll hook it up with a ski rope and some rollerblades. It took her a little getting used to, but now she rocks it like a champion.

For Everyone!

Fine Art Prints also make great gifts. All of the images in my galleries can be ordered through my website or directly through me on either paper or aluminum. Paper prints tend to offer the more classic look and often require matting and framing, while the metal prints are perfect for the contemporary look and come with a floating mount so they are ready to hang the moment you receive them. Never seen a metal print before? Check out the video below! If you have any questions about prints, options or have something unique in mind, feel free to reach out to me!

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