After deciding I wanted to take part in the Made in MN expo on November 1st, I knew I needed someway to display photos. I looked into really fancy ones, but they were clearly out of budget. So I set out to build my own and this is what I came up with:

My initial idea was to have boards vertically on stands that I could hang from, but after thinking about it more, I envisioned someone accidentally bumping into one and sending them all down domino style.  

Therefore I decided to make four stands in the corners and connect them with cross-boards to hang from. I eventually added small supports under a few of the cross-boards on the corner stands so when I put it back up, I could use those to line up my screw holes and hold it in place. I used the wood from my dads old wood pile. I cut it up, planed it down, and stained it.

I knew I really wanted some lighting system and after stumbling upon these $5 lights at Walmart I knew they'd work perfect. I also had to do a little demolition to remove the base. I wasn't sure how I was going to hang them but after fooling around with a couple ideas, I came up with this one. 2 of these clips hold the light fairly well, and a little duct tape on the light keeps them from sliding down. The lights can easily be taken down and put up. Another nice thing about these lights is they had an outlet build in, so I could connect all of my lights to one another (with low wattage florescent lights) which means only one extension cord. I've already hung all my screws on my cross-boards which I'll hang my pictures from, and tested them out so I know they're all in the correct place.

A total investment of: $70

And voila! This is what she looks like:

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