January 21, 2014:

In a few days I am taking off for South America for 3 months. Below you can get an idea of what I am bringing. The pack weighs in right under 50 pounds. At the bottom of the page you'll see what it looks like fully packed and how I can still access my camera gear. There are straps both on top and bottom that aren't currently being used, but could hold a sleeping bag, sleeping pad or tent when the time comes to rent them. We'll see how it all holds up :)

Untitled photo

1. 3-eBags Packing Cubes (filled with clothes)

2. F-stop Satori EXP Camera Backpack

4. South America Guide Book and Some Rope

9. Patagonia Rain Jacket

10. Light Gloves and Hat

14. JetBoil Camping Stove

15. Travel Towel

16. ENO Camping Hammock & Straps (inside MOLLE pouch)

19. Passport

20. Money and Passport Wallet

21. Spanish/ English Dictionary

22. Timex Watch

23. Small First Aid Kid

24. Toiletries

25. Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss

26. Amazon Kindle

27. MOLLE Accessory Pouch

28. Leatherman

28. Batteries & Chargers

30. Headlamp

31. Surefire Flashlight & Holster

32. Combination & Key Locks

Not Pictured:

Necklace of St. Christopher - Patron Saint of Travelers (and bachelors!),

Hat & Sunglasses

Camera Gear

3. F-stop medium slope ICU (Internal Camera Unit)

5. Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod and Ballhead

6. Wireless Camera Remote (Intervalometer)

7. Clik Elite Filter Case

8. Canon 5D Mark III & 16-35mm Lens

11. Canon 24-105 Lens

12. Canon 100mm Macro Lens

13. Canon 70-200mm Lens

17. Extra Camera Batteries

18. Extra Memory Cards

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