Photo News:

For about a month now I’ve been staying with a good friend of mine, Andy, in Bend, Oregon. In my time here so far, I was able to get up to the Columbia River Gorge for a couple days, we made our way to the Oregon coast this past weekend and have been doing lots of exploring in the central Oregon area. I’ve gotten some photos that I am really happy with, some being among my new favorites. One of the big reasons I decided to come out here for as long as I did was to be able to give myself as many chances to get some great photos as I could in hopes of attending a few more art shows in the future. While I wasn't selected to participate in the one I was really hoping to attend, The Uptown Art fair in Minneapolis, there are still a lot of great options for me  at some smaller shows especially being so new to showing my work. You'll see a handful of the photos I’ve taken during my time out here. I know it’s not a ton, but I am quite happy with these and hoping for more to come. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too!

I will try to post a few of them individually to Facebook in the next couple weeks and to give you a little more backstory of them, but in the mean time feel free to just enjoy! (Clicking on the photos for better viewing)

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In other news:

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be heading south to the San Francisco Bay area. For a couple of years now I’ve been wanting to attend a particular school in the area, a school for dog trainers. After being in Minnesota for a while following the return from my little adventure in Argentina and Chile and not finding any job opportunities I was really excited about, I decided to cut into more of my savings and sign up for all of the courses the school has to offer. The classes will run from mid-April to mid-July and cover everything from puppy development to advanced obedience and protection. Some have asked me if I plan on becoming a trainer or something of that nature, and the honest answer is I don’t really know. It might be helping others with their dogs, maybe training dogs for specific things like Search & Rescue or maybe just being the crazy dog guy who has 7 dogs and likes to train them to get me beer from the fridge. Or maybe all the above ☺. And who in their right mind can go to a dog school with just one dog? Of course Bailey will be with me, but I figured I couldn’t get the most out of the puppy development class if I didn’t have a puppy. So on my way down to the bay area, I’ll be picking up my German shepherd puppy, Finn. He has East German working bloodlines and currently he’s about 6 weeks old. Maybe it goes without saying, but I am really excited for the next 4-5 months with a couple weeks left in Oregon and dog training in Sonoma County (maybe mixed in with some winery tours/tastings), getting a new puppy and maybe a few art shows. Also consider this your warning for an overflow of puppy pictures!


P.S. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to follow my adventures and all the kind words. Being on a break from having a real job forces me to be a bit thrifty at times but I am having the time of my life and so grateful to be able to share bits of it with you when I can. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I am doing and hope it encourages you too to get out and do what you love, even if you don’t know what lies ahead.


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